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5 Steps to Building The Perfect Planner

I want to help you create a planner that works for you and helps you to be more organised.

Planners have the ability to be so personal and thats why I love this system. You can choose the inserts that suit your needs best and you can arrange them in what ever order you want.

Here is my step by step guide for building the perfect planner.

Disclosure - there are some affiliate links in this post which means that I get compensation in return for my recommendation. Please rest assured that all of the products linked I use with my own planner. If you would like to know more about affiliate marketing please click here.


Step 1 - Pick your folder.

Picking the actual planner is so exciting because the options are amazing. I personally use an A5 size planner as I prefer the pages to be quite big but you can also get them in A6 and A4.

I have quite a few different planners but I do recommend this A5 planner cover from Amazon (Affiliate link). It has the 6 Rings inside and has a magnetic buckle. I have it pink (of course) but it comes in a range of lovely colours. It feels really sturdy and I love the card and notepad inserts.


Step 2 - Pick your inserts.

This is where you get to choose which inserts will help you be more organised. I like to have my planner split into two sections; work life and personal life. I have created a range of inserts that with you in mind which include: diaries, calendars, meal plans, workout planners, habit trackers, to-do lists and daily planners. Check out our full range of inserts here. If you're not sure where to start the Essentials Bundle is a great option.


Step 3 - Print out your inserts.

Once you have got your inserts safely delivered to your inbox the next step is to print them off. Printing instructions are included with your purchase but I have created this video which should hopefully help.

If you have a printer that can print in A5 then this video shows you how to print double sided inserts (printers do vary but they should have similar settings).

If you aren't able to print in A5 don't worry there is also a video to show you how to print the A5 inserts onto A4 paper.


Step 4 - Get your inserts ready for your planner.

So if you have printed your A5 planner inserts onto A4 paper you can just cut them down the middle. I tend to buy A4 paper anyway and cut it before printing. I got this super handy guillotine from Amazon (affiliate link) its really small and ideal if you only really use it for your inserts.

Next you will need to hole-punch the inserts. So, most planners have the 6 ring system which means you will need a specific hole-punch. This is the one that I use, its small, adjustable and pink which is why I love it. (affiliate Link)


Step 5 - Put your planner together.

Now the final step is to put your gorgeous new inserts into your planner. If you want to split it into sections you can use dividers or use page tabs to mark the different section. I prefer to use page tabs as you can move them around.


It's as simple as that!

Now lets get organised and create your own personal planner so that you can be the most productive version of yourself.

I love to see your planners - I am just a little bit obsessed with them so please tag me so I can see how you put yours together.

With love,

Charlotte x

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