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Lets Get Organised

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Hey, I’m Charlotte - its nice to meet you.

So this is my first ever blog post and to be completely honest I’m both excited and nervous to write to you. Like, what am I going to talk about?

I guess the best place to start is why I decided to create CALM Printables. I have always been super organised and obsessed with all things planning. I think it would be fair to say that organisation and punctuality were drilled into me from a very young age.

As I went through school and university I would always have a large whiteboard which had a table on it detailing my subjects and what I needed to do for it whether it was a submission date or research. I used to write my tasks out onto multicoloured post-it notes and move them around the table.

As soon as I would set out all of the tasks I needed to do I would feel a sense of calm and be able to focus on each task individually rather than being overwhelmed at the thought of needing to do a massive project. Also - I just loved the satisfaction of scrunching up those little coloured pieces of paper after I completed the task. Yep, sad I know, but it's the little things.

Throughout University I was on the hunt for the perfect planner and I really struggled to find something that worked for me. They were either too basic or too intense - nothing was quite what I was looking for. So that’s when I went back to a Filofax type planner. I loved that you could choose your own inserts to meet your needs, but again, I couldn’t find the inserts that were quite right.

I wanted more than just a to do list but I don’t want a daily planner where I have to write down how much water I drink, how much exercise I’ve done and how much food I’ve eaten which makes me feel pressured and ultimately guilty. I was ranting to my friends about my hunt for the perfect planner - I wanted something more simple but that was still pretty and inspiring. To my surprise they agreed, I thought I was the only one feeling like this and actually my friends felt exactly the same. We wanted accountability and planning tools without all the extra fuss that makes us feel overwhelmed.

Planning should be personal - we all have different things that we prioritise and want help to organise which is why I created CALM Printables. My aim is to provide planning resources to help you create your perfect planner to be the most productive version of yourself.

If meal planning and cleaning schedules are your thing thats great, we can help but equally if you just want a simple to-do list with a calendar we've got you too. You can pick and mix the inserts that are important to you without wasting paper on resources you just don’t need.

So that is why I created CALM Printables. I am on a mission to help you be the most productive version of yourself.

Lets get organised together,

Charlotte x

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