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The books that have got me through lockdown.

I love books - to me there a very few things better than getting lost in another world.

For years I have been subscribed to Audible and I have never looked back. Although nothing beats actually snuggling up with a paperback there is something so fantastic about listening to audiobooks on the go. I used to listen on my commute into work but since lockdown I have been listening whilst walking the dog, cleaning, cooking and most importantly whilst I run.


Here are the books that have got me through lockdown.

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The Cows - Dawn O'porter

So this was my favourite book to read/listen to during lockdown. Its absolutely fantastic - I've actually read it twice.

It follows three women, Cam, Tara and Stella who all have very different situations going on in their personal lives and are quick to judge each other. It's really interesting, full of scandal, drama and so much judgement.

It's an easy read that is totally addictive - I highly recommend it.


Where the Crawdads Sing - Delia Owens

It is definitely a modern day classic. Kya, also known as the 'Marsh Girl', is the main suspect in the murder of Chase Andrews and the story cuts back and forth in time until you find out what really happened.

I just absolutely loved it and fell in love with Kya from the start. At some parts it's very harrowing but you find yourself routing for her the whole way through.

It was such a good read. Its very clever and a heartbreaking coming-of-age story that I didn't want to end.


Nine Perfect Strangers - Liane Moriarty

I mean... Odd would maybe be an understatement, it was very peculiar. It was all based on a yoga retreat in Australia led by a lady called Marsha. It was just a little bit crazy.

It was interesting to hear the 9 stranger's opinions and feelings about the experience. Its just very bizarre - it took me a little while to get into it but once I did I could not put it down. I was so intrigued as to what would happen.

It's definitely a holiday read.


Codename Villanelle - Luke Jennings

Oh my gosh, so obsessed. This is the book series that Killing Eve was based on, but as tends to be the case, the books are so much better. It's almost not comparable just because the story line is so loosely based on the book. The characters are similar but thats about it.

They are quite short books but filled with so much drama and detail. Its hard not to love Villanelle and you get such a better insight into the character through reading the books.

Definitely recommend and its worth noting that there are no spoilers if you've already seen the TV show.


The Flatshare - Beth O'leary

A very sweet book, with a little bit of drama. It is all about Tiffy and Leon who share a bed but have never met. He has the flat during the day and she has it during the night.

Following the two of them and seeing how their relationship develops through the use of post-it notes is really heartwarming.

Another easy read, very sweet - definitely recommend.


I think throughout lockdown I've tried to focus on light reads. I didn't want to get into anything too heavy, I mean I think there's enough heaviness going on right now so I just wanted to get sucked into another world.

If you follow me on instagram you'll know that I tend to do my reading whilst I'm running as they help me zone out. These all helped me do that perfectly. Especially The Cows, I literally ran off the road and fell in a ditch because I was so absorbed in the story. Don't worry, nobody got hurt.

I am always keen to hear recommendations, so please let me know if there are any books you've read recently that you loved.

Please do send me a picture of you in your fave reading spot @calmprintables.

Charlotte x

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